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Debunking 5 Myths About Residential Solar Energy

Debunking 5 Myths About Residential Solar Energy

Going solar used to be a daunting process. Is it worth it? Will the panels work in the winter? Do I have to maintain the system? All these questions (and more) are answered here for you. Here are 5 myths about ...

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Who Is Solar X?

Who is Solar X? Solar X is Canada’s leading full-service solar company for residential, small business, and commercial installations.  Based in downtown Toronto, Solar X offers its award-winning products ...

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Save With Solar: Interest Free Loans in Canada

The barrier of entry has officially been lifted! Now anyone who wants to go solar can do so! Before, solar was restricted to anyone with enough investment capital to afford the equipment necessary to use solar ...

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Major Government financial incentive

TORONTO — Canada’s federal government has announced the launch of a new program — Canada Greener Homes — that will financially incentivize homeowners to make their properties more sustainable, including through...

Best Solar Panel Installer

Best Solar Installer in Canada

Solar X is the best solar panel installer in Canada, providing solar products and services to any residential, small business, or commercial property across the country. It is a full-service solar provider, whi...

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Pay Yourself (Instead of Your Power Company) First With Net Metering

What is net metering? Net metering is an agreement that allows you to send the extra power your solar panels generate to the grid and take it back when required. This means if your renewable energy system produ...

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