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This is our guide on electric panel installation and upgrades.
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Electric Panel Installation and Upgrades

Understanding solar panels can be complex, let Solar X help in this guide on electric panel installation and upgrades. Choosing solar to satisfy your energy demands is a prudent option to save significant money...

Solar X success story
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Kathy’s Solar X Success Story

The Homeowner Back in August of 2020, we had the pleasure of speaking with Kathy, a homeowner from Salut. Saint Marie who was interested in getting some more information about how solar could benefit her home. ...

Save Thousands by Investing in Solar. Here’s How:
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Save Thousands by Investing in Solar

There are now more ways than ever to secure a successful investment through solar technology. The simplest way to begin your investment is through the Greener Homes rebate. You can save thousands by investing i...

Solar X Greener Homes Grant

The Greener Homes Initiative – Up to $5000 to Upgrade Your Home With Solar

The government of Canada is working at full speed to reduce emissions and help Canadians prepare for a better future with renewable energy. It is interesting to note that buildings account for nearly 18% of Can...


Federal / Provincial Solar Incentives and Rebates in Canada

We’ve put together all federal and provincially available solar incentives in Canada. It includes incentives offered by energy efficiency programs and major Canadian municipalities and major LDCs.

1. Federal Incentives and Rebates.

Canada’s federal government provides three solar incentives: two of which are exclusively commercial and one which is residential.

Solar Insurance
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Homeowners should add solar panel insurance to their home coverage policy

The average price of a photovoltaic solar installation has decreased significantly over the past years. This massive price reduction has made the technology more accessible to the general population more than ever before.

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