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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Going Solar in the Greater Toronto Area

With soaring energy prices and a cost of living crisis, finding ways to save money is a priority for many. Going solar is an excellent way to gain energy independence both with bills and during power cuts and i...

New Growatt APX HV Indoor Battery
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Revolutionizing Home Energy Storage: A Look at Canada’s Most Affordable, Certified Indoor Battery

As knowledge about our effects on climate change spreads, there is an ever-increasing demand for clean and sustainable electricity. As such, efficient and affordable solutions in the solar space, such as panels and storage, are more crucial than ever. With that said, this summer there will be a new player on the scene in Canada, the APX High Voltage Growatt certified indoor battery, which comes in three different types of energy storage capabilities: arbitrage, backup, and off-grid. Let’s talk about the difference.

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30% Canadian Investment Tax Credits for Clean Technologies

The Government of Canada has announced two new tax credits in an effort to create a tax environment that is competitive with that of the United States and makes it more appealing for businesses to invest in Can...

Go solar in PEI and save with up to $15,000 in rebates

Canada Introduces Major Investment Tax Credits for Clean Energy

Canada introduces some major investment tax credits for clean energy Investment tax credits (ITC) for clean technologies and clean hydrogen introduced in the 2022 Fall Economic Statement will spur the transitio...


Canada Announces an Investment Tax Credit

Canada announces an investment tax credit (ITC) similar to that in the U.S.—up to 30% for clean energy technologies, including solar Canada announces an investment tax credit (ITC) similar to that in the U.S.—u...

Debunking 5 Myths About Residential Solar Energy

Debunking 5 Myths About Residential Solar Energy

Going solar used to be a daunting process. Is it worth it? Will the panels work in the winter? Do I have to maintain the system? All these questions (and more) are answered here for you. Here are 5 myths about ...

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