Solar panels typically have a guaranteed efficiency warranty of 25 years. In most cases, these panels can still remain fully functional for another 20 years but at a decreasing efficiency. Normal industry practices recommend that most system managers or homeowners upgrade their panels to the newer low cost, high-efficiency panels available in the market at that time.

Where solar panels like these go, at end-of-life, has always been a major concern for many Canadians who want to adopt a cleaner and more sustainable lifestyle by going solar. Solar X is solving this problem by becoming the first solar company in Canada to offer such an ambitious and much-needed program.

“Our solar panel reuse + recycle program is definitely a step in the right direction for the solar industry in Canada,” says Solar X CEO Bilal Jarmakani.

Quality solar panels are hard to find in some parts of the world and can be excessively expensive for the local communities to procure for off-grid installations. In addition to recycling non-reusable solar panels, the Solar X solar panel reuse program collects end-of-life panels in Canada and ships them to industry partners in developing countries for use in local installations.

Our goal is to create the largest sustainable impact with the least amount of waste while helping alleviate poverty, and improving the lifestyles of people in these communities through the use of electricity.


Across Canada, Indigenous communities have been significantly involved in over 197 clean energy projects over 1 MW. Their involvement ranges from Impact Benefit Agreements to direct ownership of projects. These opportunities are generating jobs and training opportunities for community members and providing a more consistent flow of revenue to meet community needs.

Solar X is proud to collaborate with ICE - INDIGENOUS CLEAN ENERGY. Learn more about ICE and all clean energy projects below.

Do you have panels to recycle or reuse?

Components Getting Recycled

The items mentioned below are raw materials comprise about 90% of the solar module which can be brought back to use after our process of recycling.


Copper Wire

Aluminum Frame

Plastic Junction Box

What Solar X needs from you

- A datasheet of the module
- The number of panels to be recycled
- Model/Year of Manufacture:
- Current location(s) of the panels


Want to donate functional used solar panels?


Non-profit or Charities Interested in receiving used panels can sign up here:

Donate your panels

Want to donate functional used solar panels?

Non-profit or Charities looking for panels

Non-profit or Charities Interested in receiving used panels can sign up here:

2nd Hand Solar REUSE Program

At Solar X, along with helping to reduce the carbon footprints and GHG emissions, we also want our community to avail the perks of clean energy by using solar power at a lower cost. This can be ensured with the re-use of several modules which are no more in use by you and can be utilized by someone else.

With our program, you can buy and sell solar panels and go Solar with Solar-X.


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