commercial solar

power your business with the sun

Solar Is Good Business

Protect your business from unpredictability

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    Operating Costs

    Reduce or even eliminate your office building’s electric bill.

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    Good ROI

    Generous incentives lets solar generate long-term savings and quick payback.

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    Solar power requires little or no maintenance at all for 25 to 40 years

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    The “Green” Label

    Businesses with solar can boast of involvement in climate change mitigation

Our Commitment

Solar X manages everything you need to power your business with solar energy from custom design to project funding, installation and ongoing maintenance

We are not tied to specific suppliers or manufacturers. This allows us to deploy the most cost effective products for each project.

How we do it!

Expertise and Premium Service

Our experience engineering and installing high quality solar systems and our uncompromising service has made us a growing industry leader. Our professional installation teams have extensive experience and will build your system to our high standards. We have installed numerous systems across Canada, saving businesses thousands of dollars, and most of all, protecting the environment.

Why Choose Solar X?

Your full turnkey solar system installer

Solar X is an all-in-one service provider, with everything you need to power your business with clean solar energy. We will oversee your entire project and provide a single point of contact and accountability throughout the life of your system. Our in-house engineering team will custom design your solar system based on your roof architecture and your projected power usage needs.

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Benefits of installing solar

There is more to solar power than just the low, predictable, locked-in rates.


    With solar you can secure predictable electricity costs for years to come.


    Solar creates 91% less CO2 pollution than natural gas and 96% less CO2 than coal.


    Clean solar energy provides us with an unlimited, reliable source of energy.

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