The following FAQs are intended to provide more in-depth information on the most commonly anticipated questions from customers. These will be updated periodically as new questions arise.
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How do solar panels actually work?

Solar Panels work by allowing sunlight to activate silicon cells in the panels, silicon reacts by generating electrons AKA electricity. The beauty of this process is it is all done via chemical reaction with silicon which means absolutely no moving parts or machinery, making solar the favorite renewable soucre of power. Just set it and forget it.

What happens to my panels at night time?

Without sunshine, the panels will not produce energy. For this reason most people will buy a battery can be used to store energy for later use at night time or apply to store the power with your local power distributer in the form of Net- Metering which is usually the cheaper option.

Don't solar panels only work in the South?

Canada receives more sunlight hours than you might think, even more than Germany!

Fun Fact: Solar Panels are actually more efficient in colder climates, they absolutely love it here!

Are solar panels difficult to maintain?

Solar panels are one of the few things in life that are free of maintenance because they have no moving parts! They are specifically designed to withstand any type of weather, on earth and even in space. Just set it and forget it.

Will solar panels damage my roof or cause leaks?

If not done correctly, yes. Most installers will try to cut costs by cutting corners and skipping on basic materials like rodent proofing or flashing. At Solar X, we make sure every install is done with love and care, giving all our clients the attention they need and an install that will last a lifetime!

How long do solar panels take to install?

A typical residential solar installation will only take between 2 to 3 days.

Projects can typically take between 4 to 6 weeks on average to install due to lengthy applications and approvals from the power company, permits, as well as site inspections both before & after installing the system.

Does snow affect solar panels ability to generate power?

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology conducted a study impact of snow on overall performance.
pitches of 3/12, 4/12, 6/12 and 12/12 as well as ground installations. The five-year NAIT study found the energy loss to be much less – only about three per cent.

Do I have to disconnect from the grid to go solar?

No, with net-metering you can take advantage of being on the grid and having solar, the best of both worlds. For few homes and businesses, disconnecting might make financial sense depending on the delivery fees attached to your bill. Still not sure?

Do solar panels really save you money?

The short answer: Yes, but how much depends on these main 3 criterias…

1. Sun exposure, Are there any chimneys or trees shading your roof?

2. Pitch, Is your roof steep? Walkable? or Flat?

3. Orientation, does your roof face east and west ? Or north and south? Due to Canadas location in the northern hemisphere the south facing roofs typically get the most amount of sun!

How will solar help my finances?

Hydro Bills are the second most expensive reoccurring monthly payment every homeowner pays. They tend to fluctuate quite drastically from month to month, and almost always will include annual rate increases.

Canadians go solar in order to gain back control by paying an equal monthly payment and a for a limited time. Flexible financing options and low interest rates mean that you can start saving on day 1.

How often will I need to replace my solar panels?

Solar panels are typically designed to last over 40+ years and come with a 25 year performance-based warranty guaranteeing the efficiency to be over 85% even on the last year! Watch a quick video and learn more about our panels here.

Can I install solar panels myself?

You can, but should you?

Installing a solar system is hard and complicated work. Doing it with no experience could result in but not limited to, damages to your roof, damages to the equipment and even worse, you could hurt yourself. That is why we are here, leave it to the professionals!

Do I have to rewire my whole house to get solar panels?

The more panels you want to install, the more capacity you will need.

Depending on the amperage capacity of your current main breaker panel, as well as how many slots you have available, you may need additional electrical work done in order to connect your solar panels.

Will solar panels affect my home insurance?

Every company is different, based on our finding We reccomend to call your insurance company and inquire! Most insurance companies do not charge any extra costs or fees for this, some companies could increase your premium by $5 – $10 a month.

Will solar panels raise my property value?

Yes! Installing a solar system on your home or business is the best home improvement for increased value. As stated in the Assessment Act , installation of a solar system does NOT impact your property tax and is sure to appreciate in value over time as the cost of power goes up!

Is there any savings gaurantee?

Solar X uses state of the art software that measures and accounts the past 50 years of historical weather data and patterns to project how much sun and power you can produce over the next 25 years. To err on the side of caution, our projections are at minimum 10% conservative. We get a lot of positive customer feedback when they find themselves producing more energy than expected! That being said, we do not offer a savings guarantee.

Are there any costs or penalties related to transferring ownership?

No, by the time you sell a home or business with solar you may find that the panels are already completely paid off. If not the remainder amount owing can be included in the cost of the home and rolled into the mortgage of the new homeowner.

Does Solar X put a lien on my property to finance the equipment?

No, with Solar X there are no liens and no hidden fees, and you own the system outright.

Will animals build nests under my solar panels?

This is possible and depending on where you live, more common then you think. Thats why Solar X includes a free rodent guard for each installation. This prevents any animals or birds from building nests or biting wires underneath the panels.

Is my system transferable if I sell my house?

Yes, the new homeowner will be able to assume ownership of your system as well as the warranties remaining with the equipment. Most homeowners or business owners will advertise their home as Net Zero or Future friendly which typically attracts smart buyers who are willing to pay a little more. A home without power bills is always better.

Can a contract with Solar X be cancelled without penalty?

Yes! At Solar X, we follow the Consumer Protection Act which means you get a cooling off period as a standard with any purchase from Solar X. We believe in educating and empowering Canadians to go solar.

What do I do if my system monitoring shows my panels are not working?

If the sun is shining and your system monitoring still shows no production, the first step is to reset the app. If they are still not producing power, contact us. We are happy to help.

Who will be responsible if the solar installation damages my roof?

Solar X has a comprehensive workmanship warranty and insurance that is offered to all clients. Any damages or leaks are fully covered under this protection. That being said, there has not been any reports or claims of damaged roofs from Solar X!

Will my roof support the weight of solar panels?

Yes, solar panels are very light. Each panel weighs around 23kg / 50lbs. This means your roof is looking at 3 – 4 lbs or ~2 kg per square foot. This is considered a light load as the minimum requirement of all roof in Canada according to the National Research Council of Canada, is 21 pounds / 9.3 kg per square foot.

Is my roof compatible with a solar installation?

Most roofs are compatible with solar, but not all roofs are created equal.

Comptiable roofs include: Asphalt shingles, Metal Shingles, Metal Sheet, Flat roof, and ground mounts.

Typically the higher the pitch and height of the home or business, the more equipment and time will be needed. Ask yourself, can you walk on your roof? If not, This may result in a higher cost to install. Groundmounts are always more expensive and will always require trenching.

What are the environmental benefits of solar energy?

Solar systems have the unique ability to harness natural sunlight to harvest clean and free energy. Not only are you making a positive impact on the environment when you go solar, but you are also making a large statement to your neighbors, family, and friends that you care.

At Solar X, we care too. That’s why every old or expired panel we have will be shipped to developing nations around the world to be recycled or reused to help others less fortunate reach energy independence!

Can solar panels be recycled?

Yes, there are multiple recycling plants around the world where panels can be recycled with up to 95% recycling efficiency.

That being said, the science has shown that most homeowners will wait at least 30 years before decommissioning or upgrading their solar panels. At that time, the panels will still be at around 70% of maximum efficiency, which is why we ship these older panels to developing nations where they can be reused rather then recycled to maximize carbon offset and make a larger positive impact on our planet.

Are solar panels expensive?

Yes, solar panels can be compared to the cost of the car your drive. Every home requires a different system size based on your usage, and the cost will vary but most residential systems will range between $20,000 to $30,000 but can be as high as $60,000 for higher demand homes. Unlike a car however, solar panels will pay for themselves & appreciate in value as the cost of electricity goes up. Don’t be alarmed by the high price tag, we have financing available that will break your cost down into monthly payments that match your existing power bill.

What is grid capacity?

Applying to net-meter is the most common and affordable way to go solar at home. However, not all homes can qualify. Due to our aging infrastructure and the amount of energy already being net-metered around your home, your area might already be at capacity. If this is the case, this means the only way to go solar is by pairing your system with a battery or generator at an additional expense. If solar interests you, it is important that you apply for grid space sooner than later. In some locations, power companies have already started handing out rejections due to grid capacity. To find out if you have grid space available, you may want to call your local power company.

What are the financial benefits of solar energy?

  1. Permanently eliminate your power bill.
  2. Fixed and predictable monthly payments.
  3. Gain a coveted spot on the Grid while you can!
  4. Added home value

How do I find out how much I pay for electricity?

Cant find a recent powerbill? Log in online, or call your local power company and ask. To make sure your quote is customized and accurate make sure you also ask for your annual electricity consumption in kWh.

Which solar panels are the best?

There are many different brands, quality, and manufacturers in the solar industry. When selecting a panel, we look at wattage per square foot, efficiency, overall performance, aesthetics, warranty, and brand reputation. Equally important as the panel itself is the reputation of the company that built it, and the warranty that comes with it. A warranty is only as good as the company promising it. At Solar X we only work with tier 1 brands which ensures long lasting reliable performance for our customers.

Are solar panels worth it?

Yes, take away all the environmental benefits and let’s do the math. Our solar panels are warrantied for 25 years – within that timeline (assuming power rates behave the same) the panels will pay for themselves between 2 – 3 times over and still have an extra 10 to 15 years of lifespan! Don’t believe us? See it for yourself by requesting a free Online Solar Assessment, and we will show you the ROI for your home.

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