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Revolutionizing Home Energy Storage: A Look at Canada’s Most Affordable, Certified Indoor Battery

As knowledge about our effects on climate change spreads, there is an ever-increasing demand for clean and sustainable electricity. As such, efficient and affordable solutions in the solar space, such as panels and storage, are more crucial than ever. With that said, this summer there will be a new player on the scene in Canada, the APX High Voltage Growatt certified indoor battery, which comes in three different types of energy storage capabilities: arbitrage, backup, and off-grid. Let’s talk about the difference.


Arbitrage Systems

Arbitrage systems are used to take advantage of differences in electricity prices between peak and off-peak periods. These systems charge batteries when electricity prices are low and then discharge them when prices are high. They are commonly used in commercial and residential settings to reduce energy costs. This can be an effective way to accelerate payback periods for your battery purchase. This is especially true in provinces like Ontario where the new ultra-low overnight rate, set by the Ontario Energy Board, will be 2.4 cents/kilowatt-hour (kWh). This is 67% lower than the current off-peak rate, in exchange for a higher on-peak rate of 24.0 cents/kWh. The APX HV Battery can be programmed to charge during the ultra-low rates and discharge during the higher peak rates. This can lead to thousands of dollars in savings for homeowners in electricity annually.

Backup Battery

A backup battery is an energy storage system that provides emergency power during outages or when the grid goes down. Backup batteries are typically designed to be connected to the grid and automatically switch on when there is an outage. They can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings to provide uninterrupted power supply in case of emergencies. Growatt’s APX HV battery provides owners with peace of mind knowing that homeowners can chose to back up the entire home in case of black or brown outs.

Off-Grid System

An off-grid system is an energy storage system that is not connected to the electrical grid. Off-grid systems are typically used in remote locations or areas where grid power is not available or unreliable. They typically rely on renewable energy sources like solar panels to generate electricity and store excess energy in batteries. Off-grid systems typically cost at least 3x that of a regular system. This cost however can be comparable to connection a hydroelectric power line to a new build or construction.  Off-grid systems tend to be more expensive in Canada as extra storage or additional power sources may be required to keep power running throughout the long winters.


Affordable and Reliable Energy Storage Solution 


The APX HV is currently the most affordable lithium battery for backup and off-grid application in Canada. This is especially impressive when considering its flexibility as well as safety and performance standards. 

Long-Lasting and Low-Maintenance Design 

The APX indoor battery system adopts cobalt free LiFePO4 chemistry and four-level protection by BMS, modular energy optimizer, fuse, and aerosol to ensure its enhanced safety and reliability. It has a long lifespan with a 10 year warranty and easy installation due to its modular and stacked design. It is built to withstand temperatures from -10°C to 50°C making it perfect for Canadian businesses and homeowners. Additionally, it has a soft start to prevent surges and supports a mix of old and new batteries as well as batteries from different providers. Therefore, users can replace just one battery at a time as they run out. 

Supporting the Transition to Clean and Renewable Energy Sources

The cobalt-free APX HV battery has a high energy density and long cycle life. This provides a versatile and scalable solution for storing and delivering clean energy. Its advanced technology enables flexible capacity options (5kWh-30kWh) with 100% depth of discharge.


Indoor Battery Installation Certification: A Game Changer for Canadian Homes 

Indoor installation certification is a significant aspect of ensuring safe and reliable electrical installations in Canada. As batteries cannot be stored outside for homeowners living by the sea, where there are high amounts of rainfall, or where the climate is moist, many Canadians do not meet the requirements to install their battery units outside and are left with no options. However, all this is about to change with the arrival of the APX HV indoor battery. By moving the battery indoors, more homeowners and business owners will be able to take advantage of sustainable energy solutions. 

Meeting Strict Indoor Battery Safety and Performance Standards 

The APX HV system significantly enhances its safety performance by integrating a comprehensive five-level protection mechanism. This includes a cell-level active BMS, module-level energy optimizer, and fire protection with aerosols. Additionally, the system incorporates rapid arc fault protection and a replaceable fuse to ensure maximum safety.

Space-Saving and Convenient Installation Options 

This indoor battery solution addresses the energy mismatch issue between battery modules, providing independent charging capabilities for each module, thereby supporting varying SoC levels within a single system. This facilitates easier inventory and distribution management for distributors while also providing increased flexibility during installation and expansion. The solution eliminates the requirement for pre-charging in traditional energy storage systems, and with its plug-and-play functionality, installation, system extension, and maintenance are simplified, reducing the efforts and time required by installers and integrators. Moreover, the design is tight, clean, and stackable to save space in your home or building.

APX HV Growatt Indoor Battery

Seamless Battery Management System (BMS) 

Efficient BMS for Battery Performance 

An efficient Battery Management System (BMS) is critical for ensuring optimal performance and safety of batteries. It is responsible for monitoring and managing critical parameters such as state of charge, temperature, and voltage levels of individual battery cells. With the increasing demand for high-capacity batteries in various applications, it is essential to have an efficient BMS that can accurately monitor and control these parameters. A well-designed BMS can improve battery performance by preventing overcharging, over-discharging, and excessive temperature, which can degrade battery life and compromise safety. In addition, it can optimize battery usage, reduce energy waste, and increase battery longevity. 

Wireless Monitoring through User-Friendly App 

With the advent of IoT (Internet of Things) technology, it has become possible to remotely monitor and control devices through a smartphone or tablet. The battery’s wireless monitoring app offers real-time monitoring, alerts, and analytics, allowing users to stay informed about the performance and health of their systems. The app is easy to navigate and provides users with actionable insights to optimize their system’s performance. This data can be used to identify energy inefficiencies, optimize energy usage, and reduce costs. 

Real-time analytics can also help predict energy consumption patterns and enable proactive measures to manage energy demand. Moreover, real-time data and analytics provides insights into energy usage trends, enabling businesses to make informed decisions about energy investments.


Off-Grid Capabilities: Enhancing Energy Independence 

The practice of living in self-sufficiently without relying on public utilities such as electricity, is a growing trend in Canada. This is driven by a desire to reduce environmental impacts, and a longing for a simpler lifestyle. Advancements in renewable energy technology, like the APX HV Battery, are revolutionizing off-grid living, making it more accessible and affordable. As a result, this trend is likely to continue growing in Canada as solutions become  more practical and attainable.

How the APX HV Supports Off-Grid Energy Storage and Management 

The development of the new APX HV is transforming the way that off-grid energy is stored and managed. It is designed to store excess energy generated by renewable sources, such as solar panels, to be used when needed. It is highly efficient, meaning that it can store and release energy with minimal loss, and have a longer lifespan than other models.

The Benefits of Off-Grid Capabilities

Off-grid capabilities have the potential to deliver significant savings and environmental benefits. One of the primary advantages is that they reduce dependence on traditional energy sources, which can be costly and unreliable, particularly in remote areas. By generating and storing energy, off-grid households and businesses can save on energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. Off-grid capabilities can also help to reduce the strain on the electricity grid, particularly during peak demand periods. This leads to improved grid stability and lower overall electricity costs. Additionally, renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, are much cleaner than traditional ones, meaning that off-grid capabilities can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental pollutants. 


With its cost-effective, long lasting and low maintenance design, the cobalt-free APX HV battery is set to take the Canadian renewable energy market by storm. Not to mention, separate battery charging as well as the flexibility to install it indoors are a revolutionary step in our quest for a greener Canada. Hopefully this is just the beginning of safer, more affordable, and more convenient developments in the clean energy sector.

If you would like to be part of the indoor battery revolution, speak to one of our agents today and learn more about how Canada’s first indoor battery can work for you. 


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