Who Is Solar X?

Who is Solar X? Solar X is Canada’s leading full-service solar company for residential, small business, and commercial installations. 

Based in downtown Toronto, Solar X offers its award-winning products and services across the country, from Halifax to Vancouver and everywhere in between. Extensive portfolios are currently maintained in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.

Making Solar Simple

As innovation is central to the Solar X identity, its offerings are designed around solving some of the solar industry’s greatest challenges, like adoption barriers. Namely, the upfront cost of going solar (which can surpass $15,000 even with incentives) and the multi-party complexity and confusion that can arise when dealing with different aspects of an installation. 

While these issues are valid, they’re not insurmountable, as Solar X’s full-service model has successfully demonstrated. 

We Handle It All

The full-service support of Solar X’s experienced team also helps homeowners and businesses navigate the complicated paperwork, permits, and location-based regulations that come with solar adoption, making the experience far less stressful and time-consuming. And as Solar X is the only party involved handling everything from solar designs (tailored to any roof) to project financing, installation and ongoing maintenance accountability is automatically built-in. Book a call with us here and see how simple it really is.

The Solar X after-service guarantee ensures that the highest quality materials and solar panels are used, as it’s in both parties interest to get the project done right the first time. And because Solar X isn’t tied to any specific supplier or manufacturer, it’s able to remain flexible, deploying the most efficient products for each demand scenario and helping pass along significant savings in the process. 

Why Go Solar?

“Homeowners and businesses are facing a variety of challenges right now, with record-high inflation, rising energy costs, declining purchasing power, and other pocket-squeezing phenomena,” said Bilal Jarmakani, Managing Director of Solar X. “At the same time, the world is in the midst of a climate crisis, so reducing emissions has to remain a focus at all times. Solar energy, as a non-emitting power source, is a natural solution to both of these problems, offering lower energy bills while decreasing our collective reliance on fossil fuels. But there still remain barriers for those that want to make the switch, which is why the Solar X team works alongside clients throughout the entire project pipeline, helping ease the process for all involved and ensuring maximum solar performance.” 

Worry-Free Technology

As a “one-stop shop,” Solar X’s full-service offerings support a variety of logistical and aesthetic situations (yes, we know this matters) — from cutting-edge solar shingles designed to blend right in, to solar trim, classic grey or black panels (rooftop or ground mounted), inverters, and more. Solar X’s approach is honest and straightforward. We understand that not all consumers feel the same way about the design of solar products. But we’re also fervent in the belief that every consumer and business can benefit from solar adoption, hence the effort SolarX makes to accommodate broad styles and create a smooth and burden-free adoption process. Ask an Advisor about the investment opportunity solar provides for your home here.

We’re All Canadian

And the best part? Solar X is 100% Canadian-owned and operated, with employees spanning across Canada’s vast geography — and nowhere else. So when you choose Solar X, you’re not only making a cost-saving investment that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and benefits the environment, you’re supporting and protecting Canadian innovation, investment, and most importantly, workers. 

Get the Sun Working For You!

Ready to see how solar can work for you? Book a quick assessment call with one of our Advisors and receive a complimentary, custom-designed solar proposal, made specifically for your home and your family’s energy needs.

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