Top 5 Benefits of Installing a Solar System on your Roof Today

1- Energy Interdependence

By using power from your solar system, you never have to check the time or think twice before running the laundry. Going solar changes the way you get charged on your bill, instead of TOU (time of use) billing you are now producing and paying for electricity at a fixed rate. Now you can have the peace of mind to run whatever you like whenever you want. No more late night laundry nights. Also, with solar you have the convenience of never worrying about another power outage again because of your conserved energy.

2- Increase Home Value

Going solar for the benefit of your home value is a no brainer, here’s why. Every month or 2 you pay an electric bill, every year or so that bill goes up and after years and years of repeating this motion the only thing you get in return are unwanted emails and mail sent to your home. In fact if you calculate how much you’ve spent on utility bills alone, it would probably be twice as much as the cost of a solar system. Paying for power is a cost we all have to pay, but we can choose who we pay. Going solar empowers homeowners to keep those monthly payments within their home rather than paying it to a utility company. By financing a solar system through a line of credit or mortgage, your monthly payments are now not only powering your home but they’re also accumulating more equity into the home providing you with more purchasing power and an increased home value. Paying a utility company instead of financing a solar system can be compared to the difference between  renting vs owning. If you are living somewhere temporary , renting may be more convenient for you, otherwise going solar is really a lucrative option worth considering.


3- Save/Eliminate Your Electricity Bills

Solar Panels are one of the few products out there that is are actually considered an appreciating asset. This means that the value of the solar system on the house increases over time. The reason for this anomaly is the rising cost of electricity. Electricity is like rent, it always goes up year after year no matter who’s elected, electricity will never go down in price for one simple reason; price of electricity is directly influenced by 2 factors, 1. Cost of upgrading infrastructure which you will find is way over $100,000,000 in debt. 2. Cost of minimum wage which does manage to go up once every couple of years. In addition to that that there is also inflation which gives utility companies a set rate of increase every year, whether its through the actual cost per kwh or another new charge on your bill that you don’t quite understand, the bill gets higher year after year.

Solar panels can actually protect your home from the increase of electricity prices. By locking into a fixed monthly payment through a solar financing plan, you can ensure that you will not be affected by any new government or their plans to increase utility payments in order to fund some project.

4- Roof Protection

Many homeowners want to go solar but there’s always some doubt, most of that doubt are genuine concerns on the integrity of your home’s roof. The good news is that solar systems actually end up protecting your roof. Most homeowner are unaware that the most harmful component to your roof, especially if your roof is made of asphalt shingles is actually the sun. Direct sun exposure for long periods of time are actually what causes shingles to curl up and go bad. Luckily when installing solar panels, the panels actually end up protecting the shingles underneath. This results in your shingles lasting at least twice as long as the expected lifetime. It also keeps your roof cooler in the summer by reflecting most of the heat from your roof, ultimately allowing you to save on cooling costs.

5- Improve home aesthetics

In the solar space, there appears to be a very obvious negative connotation about the appearance of solar panels on one’s own roof. Many homeowners simply just can’t stand the way they look!  Good news is you don’t have to settle for big blue bulky solar panels anymore. Cutting edge technology has come a long way and allowed engineers to come up with Solar panels that are both more efficient and aesthetic. Today solar companies in Canada are making more of an effort to give homeowners a more appealing solution when installing a solar system on their roof to eliminate the uneasiness that comes with going solar.

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