The All New Solar Roof
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The All New Solar Roof

The all-new solar roof. It is encouraging to note that solar technology is continuously evolving – with growing concerns over climatic change and global warming, it becomes critical to the transition to a renewable energy source now more than ever. Although this may not be Tesla’s Solar Shingles, these are a fantastic alternative that is 100% owned and manufactured by a Canadian company.


Your Roof is Evolving

When you think of solar-powered systems, you probably imagine the classic solar array – some rectangular panels sitting on the top of the roof. But if you look closely at some roofs, you might find an intriguing lack of traditional panel design. With a Solar Roof, it becomes possible to produce clean, renewable energy without worrying about the aesthetic of traditional panels. These novel roofs can capture sunlight and convert them directly to electricity. This means that as opposed to using regular solar panels, these modern architectural devices can act as an invisible panel, looking almost identical to your current asphalt shingle!


Solar Roof Design

Solar Roofs are made using monocrystalline silicon and can closely resemble your conventional roofs. This energy capturing product can come as black slate, brown asphalt, or grey asphalt with their energy capacity ranging from 300 – 420 Watts. They typically have 3 layers – the outer layer providing reliable protection for the entire surface and a transparent middle layer sitting on the top of a highly efficient solar panel that generates electricity. The material of this product has a weather-resistant coating and has the capability of self-cleaning with simple rainwater.



Solar roofs have an identical install as a traditional solar panel. This provides cost savings measures and can utilize current racking tools readily available through most solar panel installers. Unlike Tesla’s Solar Shingles, these Solar Roof panels are easy to install and built to withstand Canadian climates. Solar X is also an official Tesla Powerwall and Solar Shingle installer, however, only the Tesla Powerwall 2 is currently available in Canada.



At Solar X, we take warranties very seriously. Our Solar Roofs come with warranties just like our standard solar panels. While the typical panel warranty lasts for 25 years, these shingles will produce power over 80% of their rated capacity for at least 30 years and remain intact over the lifetime of the roof. Solar shingle manufacturers also love to point out their aesthetic value. These panels are visually inconspicuous and often blend seamlessly into the rest of the home’s roof.


Technical Capabilities

In terms of the actual ability to generate solar power, the Solar Roof can be more effective than traditional solar panels and even Tesla’s Solar Shingles. It has a lower cost per watt than conventional solar panels and Tesla’s Powerwall can be an economically better storage system for the generated energy (check out Tesla’s website for more information). These systems can also be grid-connected and can have an attractive ROI. Our complimentary solar assessments can provide you with an accurate cost savings analysis so you can see exactly what you’ll save over the lifespan of the system (hint: it’s a lot)


Powering Your Home With Solar

The Solar Roof will always produce power when the sun is out and will continue to produce power even on cloudy days. With the benefit of remaining on the grid, this grid-tied setup does not require an energy storage system (battery) to function!


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