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The All New Solar Roof
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The All New Solar Roof

The all-new solar roof. It is encouraging to note that solar technology is continuously evolving – with growing concerns over climatic change and global warming, it becomes critical to the transition to a renew...

Do Solar Panels Work in the Winter
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Do Solar Panels Work in the Winter?

Do Solar Panels Work in the Winter? This is one of the most pioneering questions we have come across among our clients across Canada. We decided to take this as an opportunity to bust all the myths associated w...

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Homeowners get a higher return on investment when they pair energy efficiency with solar panels

Solar panels lower electricity costs, improve property value, increase energy independence and resilience, and contribute to the fight against climate change in a localized fashion.

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Incentives would make adopting solar power easier for Ontario homeowners

Not long ago, this province was the best place for Ontario homeowners to switch from traditional energy to solar power. This was primarily because of the provincial FIT and Micro FIT programs, which provided generous rebates per kWh for roof-mounted and ground solar modules.

Ontario’s solar market is vastly different today. The 2018 Provincial election, which swept in Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives, had a chilling effect on the solar industry.

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