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Go solar in PEI and save with up to $15,000 in rebates
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Go solar in PEI and save with up to $15,000 in rebates

Solar technology can be a profitable option in terms of renewable energy generation, reducing grid dependence, and safeguarding your home from periods of blackouts. It is encouraging to note that Canada is rapi...

Do Solar Panels Work in the Winter
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Do Solar Panels Work in the Winter?

Do Solar Panels Work in the Winter? This is one of the most pioneering questions we have come across among our clients across Canada. We decided to take this as an opportunity to bust all the myths associated w...

This is our guide on electric panel installation and upgrades.
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Electric Panel Installation and Upgrades

Understanding solar panels can be complex, let Solar X help in this guide on electric panel installation and upgrades. Choosing solar to satisfy your energy demands is a prudent option to save significant money...


How COVID-19 is creating the perfect storm for wider adoption of rooftop solar panels

Covid-19 has been a major disrupting force worldwide, crippling economies, disrupting trade, consumption patterns, and altering work arrangements. While these changes have had devastating impacts on an aggregate scale, not all industries have been hit the same.

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Homeowners get a higher return on investment when they pair energy efficiency with solar panels

Solar panels lower electricity costs, improve property value, increase energy independence and resilience, and contribute to the fight against climate change in a localized fashion.

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Solar panel maintenance: do you need it — and how much does it cost?

There is a lot of talk in the residential solar industry, about a so-called “solar panel maintenance burden.” Let’s set the record straight. There is no such thing.

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