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      Solar X Team

      Working on building my first system. I ended up with twice as much solar as I was planning because I got a great deal on it. Now I have to find something that can take all that power, I wanted to run 250V to keep the amps manageable. The only reasonable price all in 1 hybrid I could find was Phocos PSW-H-5KW-120/48V
      so I ordered 1. It looks amazing in the stats but it appears so new that there are no reviews I can find. Good deal or did I screw this one all up? By the way I have 10 315 watt panels in the way to go with it, $1200 plus shipping $1450 all together seemed like a deal to me.

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      Guest One

      We (altE Store) are also waiting to hear customer feedback. Phocos is a great company, and makes great products, so we are very excited about the new product. Anxiously waiting to hear if it lives up to our expectation.

      I assume those are 60 cell panels and you are going to do 5 in series to each MPPT input. That should be a great system, let us know how it goes when you install it. That’s a fantastic deal on solar panels you got. What are you doing for a battery bank?

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        Guesting Two

        I made a few assumptions that the Voc is 41V or less, and the coldest temp is -22F or warmer. 41Voc x 1.21 temp correction x 5 in series = 248V. That’s just under the 250V limit. (You know I love math)

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          Guesting Twoter

          I just ordered the Phocos 5KW too, so I’m glad to find another forum member giving it a shot. I love the expandability (45KW) of the system, the pin coded grid-backfeed, and it’s so much lighter than some of the competition. Honestly, I didn’t think it was that much more than the cheap MPPTs given the added functionality and ability to backfeed. I plan to install it first and then get the permitting done.

          I’ve also got 16 of the Lishen 280amh cells coming to back up to. Still debating on whether to use Solar-Battery-Utility mode or Solar-Utility-Battery mode. I have no clue what to do for the BMS. Overkill doesn’t make one that size and Chargery/Daly have given other members

          Eventual plan if this works is to purchase two additional units and have a 15kw system.

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            Guesting Twoterama

            Spec sheet says surge power is “2x rated power for 5 seconds”. Rated AC output power is 5,000 watts. So that would be anything with less than a 10,000 watt surge requirement right? Or am I missing something too?

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            Guesting Twoteramah

            Not missing anything. I read rated power 3000W/3000W or 5000W/5000W depending on model.
            I missed the surge listed below.
            5 seconds is good. We usually don’t see that except in inverters over 100 pounds.

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      Guest Two

      40 lbs is a light weight high frequency inverter, but it says 2x surge for 5 seconds, so should start a 2000W motor.
      (correction from what I originally wrote: “so don’t expect surge current to start anything larger than 1000W motor.”)
      120V, you can add one or two for 120/240V or 3-phase.

      To make sure you don’t screw anything up, understand how Voc of PV panels is affected by cold temperature and plan your series/parallel strings so you never exceed the 250V max spec of inverter.

      Depending on the PV panel specs, don’t know if 5 in series is Ok (SolarQueen just indicated probably, but do the math)
      Otherwise, could be 3s2p into one MPPT input, 4s1p into the other.

      Got a data sheet for the panels?

      I like that the inverter is “batteries optional”, gives you economical possibilities.

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