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For a system with limited power production, ideally enable loads to use the available power as it is produced.
Timers, light sensors, or battery state of charge signals could enable loads like freezers and water pumps so they run during hours PV generation or diesel generator is available.
If loads exceed PV, have them take turns. The idea is to keep battery near full and use power as it is produced. This reduces wear on battery and round-trip energy losses.
Power can be stored as ice in freeze or above ground tanks, more effectively than running from battery.

Here in California we have times when the utility grid can’t match load. People are asked to change thermostat settings. A few consumers (mostly industrial) shut off loads manually or automatically. If not enough people turn off their A/C, power fails to the entire city (so even fans and refrigerators stop working as well as A/C). A system with automatic load control would be much more reliable and economical.