Success Stories

Success Story: Colleen Burke of Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia is an excellent place to live for homeowners looking to switch from traditional energy to solar power.

The Challenge

One of the reasons Colleen Burke wanted to look into solar X, besides the fact that we are a solar energy company, is that electricity is very expensive. She said nearing an age of retirement means living on a fixed income and electricity, especially, when your heat and air conditioning or tied into that is a variable cost.

So what she wanted to do is to control her variable costs as much as possible and thinks solar is the right way to go.

The Solution

Our engineers determined that Colleen would need a system of about 10 kilowatts, and so we got to work. The final system design, after a detailed assessment of her roof, came to exactly 10.36 kilowatts. The system required 28 solar panels and our team decided to go with the Q Cells brand.

“It was a pleasure to help Colleen with her rooftop solar installation. We are glad she likes it, and we look forward to helping more retirees in Nova Scotia” said Solar X CEO, Bilal Jarmakani

The solar installation was completed and powered in March of 2019. From our calculations she received a 10,000 rebate for the installation.

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