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Success Story: Chris of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia is excellent for homeowners looking to switch to solar power. Our success story today is on Chris Ball of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The Choice

One of the reasons Chris Ball choose solar X was because we didn’t upsell him on a battery storage system he didn’t need. Chris had done his homework and knew exactly what he wanted, and what he wanted is a net-metered system, which sends excess power directly to the grid, and he gets credit from his utility.

He also wanted solar because it reduces his household carbon footprint.

The Solution

Our engineers determined that Chris would need a system of about 9 kilowatts, and so we got to work. The final system design, after a detailed assessment of his roof, came to exactly 9.48 kilowatts. The system required 24/395 watt solar panels and our team decided to go with the Hanwha brand.

“Chris had planned to go solar for many years now, he had even placed the house in an ideal position for solar,” said Solar X CEO, Bilal Jarmakani. “We are happy he choose to go with Solar X, and our team is happy to welcome Chris to the Solar X family.”

The solar installation has since been completed and powered. From our calculations, Chris received a 6,000 rebate for the installation, and now offsets over 90 percent of his energy cost.

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