Best Solar Panel Installer

Best Solar Installer in Canada

Solar X is the best solar panel installer in Canada, providing solar products and services to any residential, small business, or commercial property across the country. It is a full-service solar provider, which means they do all the heavy lifting and take care of everything a client needs in order to make the switch to solar energy.

Solar X’s goal is to provide sustainable energy solutions across Canada so its clients can lower their carbon footprint and future proof their home by going solar. The world is going electric and Solar X exists to provide the best products and services to aid in the transition to a net-zero Canada. Their solar systems are aesthetically-pleasing, Solar X offers Canadian made alternatives to Tesla’s solar shingles and other unique products such as solar trim, sleek all-black panels, and 12 different battery options for off-grid or backup storage solutions that are built for Canadian weather conditions and integrate seamlessly into existing roof structures.

With decades of combined experience in the solar industry, Solar X provides tier one equipment, exceptional customer service, and risk-free applications. This is in addition to its industry-leading recycling program for end-of-life panels, being the first solar company in Canada to offer a reuse and recycle program. Solar panels typically have a guaranteed warranty of 25 years. In most cases, these panels can remain fully functional for another 20 years, and only slightly decrease in efficiency. Discarding these solar panels at the end of life has always been a major concern for Canadians who want to create the largest sustainable impact with the least amount of waste. The reuse program aims to change the lives of people living in energy impoverished areas in Canada by improving their lifestyles through the use of clean electricity.

Essential to Solar X’s operations are its staff – It is their team that has earned the company the title of Best Solar Panel Installer – Canada in this issue of Corporate Vision magazine. Managing Director at Solar X, Bilal Jarmakani commented, “Solar X is composed of stellar individuals who share the same values and work ethic, which allows us to realize our mutual goal to build a brighter future for our community and our clientele across Canada.”

“We are a BBB accredited Canadian owned and operated business with an A+ rating and are proud to be recognized as the best solar panel
installer in Canada by Corporate Vision.” The company’s knowledgeable solar consultants provide in-depth information on local rebates, grants, and net metering programs to ensure all clients are fully informed about the benefits they can take advantage of and learn how going solar will increase the value of their property. The engineering and project management teams work hand in hand in fulfilling the requirements of each project, collaborating impeccably with suppliers, financiers, and energy auditors to provide a seamless experience. Solar X’s professional installers ensure panels and all other equipment are installed precisely to building and electric code, as safety is of the utmost importance to Solar X. These panels are going to power a property for decades, hence it is vital to ensure they are properly installed so clients can simply set it and forget it.

As the environment crisis becomes ever more apparent, solar energy is the key to transitioning to a renewable-powered world. However, the solar industry all over Canada has been impacted by the ongoing supply chain issue and due to this, it has been experiencing delays in materials procurement and increased shipping and equipment costs for solar panels. In response, Solar X is taking strategic action to mitigate these effects and ensure that it can continue to provide a cost-effective solution to its clients. As a result, they are expecting to surpass their
projected installations for 2022.

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, Solar X is prepared for what’s coming next and it takes every challenge as a new opportunity. It has adapted to change and seamlessly transitioned into a remotely operated company, with employees working all over Canada. By sharing similar goals, they collaborate virtually through digital technology and are able to effectively communicate with clients in all provinces. This makes it possible to utilize talent from any part of the country without considering the geographical location as a barrier.

Solar X is committed to being more inclusive and encourages talented people from all backgrounds to join them on their mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. It is the highest-rated solar company in Canada and provides the highest referral bonus compensation to its clients to encourage more adoption of solar. It also offers affiliate programs for companies that are looking to collaborate – With over five years in business, Solar X is proud of the collaborative culture it has developed.

Solar X has now partnered with top financing institutions in Canada and introduced exciting financing options such as free promos and interest-free loans to make solar affordable for everyone. Also, this year, the company is expecting to release new and exciting projects like EV chargers, new batteries, panels, and accessories to support a wide range of clients.

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